"Honey" TSUM (Central Department Store) is the third institution of the confectionery family. The concept of Honey Cafe is an original confectionery, based on the masterpieces of a classical French school, and a family cafe. In the newly opened shopping center "TSUM" the owner wished to create a small cafe-boutique with sweets, in which all the products will be located in the demonstration zone, at the entrance to the room, as if immediately striking the visitor with the assortment.

The interior of the confectionery is rather catchy, but it does not go beyond the already established Honey stylistics, demonstrated in the previous institutions. Visitors of the shopping center can enjoy desserts and a cup of coffee, both on the favorable chairs and a comfortable sofa at the end of the room, thereby ensuring a cozy atmosphere of intimate conversation.

"Honey" cafe, TSUM
S = 68 m2
implementation: 2017